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Find Your Productivity Catalyst

Procrastination isn’t always bad, but it’s hardly ever good, either. When you procrastinate, you’re telling yourself that you really don’t have to do something when in fact, you do. There are always consequences from procrastination, and sometimes those consequences are more than we’re prepared to handle.  So how do we bust out of the cycle of putting stuff off? Simple: we use our ritual to get us started. Here are a few examples of potential rituals to get you started.


Lots of people forget to start out with meditation in the morning, and because of this, they often don’t get a great start to their day. But meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting cross-legged in front of a TV for an hour. Sometimes meditation comes in the form of reading the newspaper with some coffee, or reading a book you find to be inspirational.

Find Your “Thing”

The famous writer Ernest Hemingway always sharpened six pencils before he started writing. Some people like to arrange things on their desks like Charles Dickens. There are also more modern versions of processes like that, like cleaning out your inbox or checking your Facebook pages before you get to work. Sometimes all it takes is a cup of tea, and you’re ready to start working.


Exercise may wear us out a little, but most of the time, it’s energizing and can get our days started with a bang. Start your day with a glass of water and a routine you enjoy and love to do. It doesn’t have to be more than a few minutes, and exercising when you work at a desk all day is important, anyway.

No matter what your productivity catalyst is, use it wisely, and stick to it. Beat procrastination by being stubbornly set in your ways so that later, you reap the reward of relaxation.

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