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Feature Flashlight – Outlook Calendar Boards

Most of us are familiar with Outlook; in fact, for some of us it is essential to completing a successful workday – with its calendaring, contacts, and task services its features have the power to revolutionize your workplace.

Microsoft have released a new feature for Outlook named ‘Outlook Calendar Boards’. Throughout this blog we will explore what Outlook Calendar is and some of its features.


Outlook Calendar Boards

Microsoft has made their first significant change to the Outlook Calendar with the introduction of Outlook Calendar Boards – which is slowly being rolled out as we speak. It is a brand-new dynamic view. It will allow you to organize meetings alongside tasks, notes, goals, links, and files. In simple terms, it is essentially a board that tries to centralize everything that keeps your calendar clean and up to date.

The purpose of Outlook Calendar Boards is to help people reduce waste effort in having to switch between tools and apps to carry out their work duties. Most in business use multiple tools to manage the things they need to get done – so this feature should be welcomed amongst business leaders just because the time saving this could offer across an organization is huge.

The new board enables users to customize and expand their agenda in a primarily visual way. Outlook users are free to create their own boards – boards that can be managed from the same view interface (If you are familiar with the popular board-based app ‘Trello’ you will notice the similarities.)

With Outlook Calendar Boards being relatively new, information is limited. But it is plain to see that the features it possesses have the power – if used correctly – to revolutionize the way you and your team go about organizing your workday, whether that be in the office or at home.

As well as the new features added to Calendar in Outlook, Microsoft has also updated its Outlook for mobile devices with support for scheduling meetings on the go. The new improved functionality of the app allows users to set a preferred duration and timeframe for meetings and will then suggest times that suit the schedules of every participant invited to the meeting. It will also now allow you to reschedule other commitments that your meeting would overlap with.


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