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Facebook Makes a Deal with Several Companies for Free Antivirus Programs

Facebook has made a deal with several large antivirus companies to provide free services to Facebook users .

The antiviruses that have teamed up with Facebook are McAfee, Norton, Sophos, Trend Micro, and Microsoft, with rumor of a few more companies jumping on board. A few of them are free for more than a year such as Microsoft’s services (if you have a valid version of Windows), but most of the programs are free from six months to a year depending on which service you choose.

Facebook has also said that all five companies have agreed to hand over their URL blacklist databases to the social network to help combat hackers and websites that transmit harmful malware and viruses to users that accidentally wind up clicking on a link that leads to them. Facebook of course has its own blacklist, but the additional help will block even more links to keep users even safer.

The Antivirus Marketplace has gone live and is available for both Mac and PC users to enjoy. All you have to do is sign into your Facebook for the ability to download any virus protection you’d like.

Even though Facebook’s combination with these antivirus programs will help make the web a safer place, it’s even more important than ever that every user and company have a comprehensive virus protection service that will keep their servers, computers, and data safe from harm.

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