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Event Networking Tips

Attending networking events in your niche is indisputably a great way to make new face-to-face connections. In a world that’s driven by technology and digital interactions, networking events can benefit your business in big ways you can’t even anticipate. There is the potential for hundreds of connections at these networking events, and some of those connections are ones that you’ll never even meet. Even though networking meetings start with handing out business cards, they certainly don’t end there. Here are a couple of tips to make your networking events worthwhile.

Burst Out of Your Bubble

Networking events can be a little slow at first, and it’s okay to talk to people you already know. However, as soon as you find your feet, you should be seeking out new people and interacting with new faces. A networking event is the perfect time to see how outgoing and convincing you can be. Take advantage of the opportunity to seek out new business relationship ventures.

Find the Hot Spots

The registration table is worth hanging out around for a little while. If there’s a bar or a buffet, this can be a good place to check out as well. After you sign in, hang out in the “hot spots” and introduce yourself to other people that are arriving. Furthermore, don’t ever let someone stand alone. If you see anyone looking lost or awkward, approach them and extend your hand. You’ll definitely make a good impression on them, and it’ll give you the opportunity to test your skills.

Come Prepared

If there is food at the event, eat something before you go. Though you should be snacking and enjoying the food, your networking event isn’t for free lunch – it’s for networking. Make sure you have a business card holder or two and a pen to write down your first impressions on business cards before you forget the names and personalities of the people you’ve met. Go prepared and reap the benefits.


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