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Do These Things Today to Make Tomorrow More Productive

So you want to earn more money and make your business more successful? The answer is simple: get more done.

But if you’re like most of us, you know how hard it is to really “get stuff done”. Juggling work, family, and other aspects of life can be difficult. So difficult, in fact, that you might have already read a plethora of posts on how to “be more productive”. Sometimes the advice is even good. But what most of them neglect to tell you that productivity doesn’t start in the morning – it starts the night before. Here are a few things you can do before your productive day to make it even more productive.

Clean Your Workspace

It doesn’t matter if your workspace is in your living room, or if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated workroom all to yourself. Before you check out for the day, straighten up that space. Throw away papers and unnecessary mail. File anything you’ve finished, and put stickies on the things you haven’t. Walking into a clean office can help you focus on exactly what needs to get done for that day, and not what didn’t get done the day before.

Unplug and Disconnect

You don’t always need to be working. If you are, it’s likely you’ll burn out without a moment’s notice. Instead, take a break, physically and mentally. Disconnect from the Internet and stay off. Turn your phone to vibrate for a few hours. Enjoy a hot shower or bath, and don’t let work bleed into your private life. It doesn’t have any place there.

Sleep Well

Those who are better rested and have had a good start to their morning are much more productive the next day, studies show. So even if you’re something of a night owl, it’s important that you get your shuteye. Lack of sleep can also make you susceptible to diseases, such as colds, which will definitely slow down your entire week.


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