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Curious About Cloud Services?

1411719_clipart_cloudDoes your office battle with organization? Does paperwork get lost going from one person to another mysteriously, only to show up weeks later in a pile you didn’t know existed? While cloud services won’t solve every problem you’ll ever have, it’s certainly become an essential tool in small and large businesses across the world.

So What’s Cloud Computing?

In short, cloud services (or cloud computing) enables your office to store information on servers that are stored on the Internet. Generally speaking, information that your office uses is stored on internal servers or on personal computers. While there is plenty of strong protection for information stored this way, if your network goes down or your computer crashes, it’s lights out for your business until you can either recover that data or whip it back up from scratch. With cloud computing, that’s a thing of the past. Since everything is stored on the Internet, any device with access to the Internet can access your data when given the right permissions.

Why Should My Business Invest in Cloud Services?

First, cloud services are extremely versatile when it comes to price. When you’re on a tight budget, cloud services offer a frugal, but effective, way to store all of your data. You get to choose how large or small your cloud space is depending on what you can afford.

Cloud services can scale with your business. You probably want to grow your business – most small businesses do. With growth comes more expenses, upgrading servers, and finding ways to back up data and make sure it’s secure without breaking the budget. The neatest thing about cloud services is that they’re completely scalable for a low overhead cost. If you shrink for some reason, you can scale back down without much of an issue.

Finally, you don’t have to know what you’re doing to use it. For the most part, cloud services are intuitive. The learning curve is gentle, and that’s important when an entire business has to learn a new technology.

Cloud services can benefit just about any business, and don’t hesitate to contact a local provider if you have any questions about using cloud services in your office.

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