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AVG now stops fake Wi-Fi Connections and Kills Tracking Ads & Websites

AVG is famous to college kids all around the world because of its extensive viral protection that it offers free of charge to most users. Today, AVG brings a new feature to the game of viral protection designed to safeguard your privacy while you browse the web, and it comes in all three versions of AVG, including the free one.

AVG is calling one of these very important features the “Do-Not-Track” system. This system is an automatic browser add-on system – installing the toolbar is optional, however – that blocks most sites from tracking you around the web unless you give that website specific permission to do so. This is the most robust feature that AVG has designed yet, and it helps hand the control of the internet back over to the user. Best of all, there won’t be any additional ads installed on AVG to make this feature happen – maybe this is why AVG claims over 100 million active users, most of which do not pay for the virus blocker.

When you install AVG Do-Not-Track, all you have to do is click on an eye shaped button on your browser and it will instantly tell you which live analytics and at networks are following you around at the moment. You can block them by clicking ‘block,’ or you can block them all by using the ‘block all’ feature as well so no website is allowed to follow you around until you give it permission to do so.

In hands on testing, this feature appears to support the same browser speed that was in place before it was installed, and it didn’t lack any effectiveness with real tests.

The other feature AVG has brought to the table is one that helps you when you browse a lot of public networks. This feature has been deemed ‘Wi-Fi Guard’ and it helps by checking to see if you have logged into a Wi-Fi network of the same name, but in a different location. This can and will prevent SSID name spoofing that can fool someone into exposing their data to whomever is running the fake network. This new feature really shines when applying it to networks such as “Starbucks.” The SSID is identical across multiple locations, and a fake network would be detected, and AVG would ask if you wanted to connect still instead of allowing your computer to auto connect.


There are a few other minor changes to the AVG software, such as changes to the software installer size and a P2P update, but Do-Not-Track shines brightly in this update and will benefit many users.

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