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Apple’s Version of Chrome Gets New Features

In the past few weeks, Google has been rolling out some pretty amazing updates for the iOS Chrome browser. Recently, the company added history features and sharing to iOS Chrome, and then just a few days ago, Google brought some more features to iOS: full-screen browsing, Google Cloud Print, and AirPrint support.

Full screen browsing works the same way that it works on the less frequently-used browser Safari. When you begin to scroll up instead of down, the address bar box disappears. When you start to scroll back down (or move your cursor to the top of the screen), the bar reappears. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the pop up and down movement of the Window’s task bar, but the movement is smoother and more reactive. This feature will likely come in handy for browser-based games.

Cloud Print is exactly what it sounds like. When you choose the ‘print’ option from on Chrome, you’ll get to choose between Cloud Print and AirPrint. Cloud Print just means you can send the page in question to your Google Drive once you head through the Getting Started information. A typical Google Drive has five gigs of available space, meaning you can save a number of pages to be accessed later from any computer.

Per Apple’s request, Chrome for iOS is built upon a WebKit-based browser engine, which opens the door for both Apple and Google to add further features in the future. And, as usual, Google has also improved security and patched some major bugs.

So the next time you open Chrome on your Mac, be prepared for some new interesting features to play with.

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