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Android’s Chrome Browser Now Syncs with Gmail Accounts

Currently, when you install Chrome on any computer, you have the option of linking your Gmail account to access all of your bookmarks and history on any computer. Today, Google released an update to Chrome that now allows users to utilize this feature on their Android devices as well. You can access this new update in Google Chrome 19 under “Other Devices” in the sync menu.

This update also includes the ability to sync opened tabs across Android devices as long as Chrome is being used. The option is also available at the bottom of any new tab page where the “recently closed” menu and “applications” menu are now featured. You will be able to click a button and have all active tabs resumed on your phone’s browser.

When the tabs are opened on a different platform, they will also include your browsing history. You will be able to click back and forth just as if you were on the original computer that brought up the tabs in the first place. This feature was not due out for several weeks; Google just announced that the feature would be rolled out next month. However, Chrome 19 was available mere hours after the update announcement was made.

Chrome 19 also included many security updates that fixed bugs found mostly by the Chrome development community. They awarded over $16,000 to members who caught some 400 bugs since Chrome’s last update took place.


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