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AltaVista Finally Bids the Internet Goodbye, Along with 11 Other Services

683917_hardisk_searchAltaVista, a name not recognized by many of the Internet’s users of today, is finally going offline for good.

Yahoo wrote a few days ago that it was killing off AltaVista and 11 other services that were no longer relevant in today’s world because of changing technology and lack of brand recognition.

Jay Rossiter, vice president of platforms, said that this change will free up valuable capital so the company can continue to “focus on creating beautiful products that are essential [to you] every day.”

AltaVista hasn’t been a player in search engine usefulness for many years, and many believe the site closed down years, if not decades ago. AltaVista has only seemingly existed as a toolbar that most people try to delete as soon as they see it on their Internet Explorer browser.

Other products that Yahoo decided to end in the next week are Axis, Browser Plus, Citizen Sports, WebPlayer, FoxyTunes, RSS Alerts, Neighbors Beta, Stars India, Local API, Downloads Beta, and Term Extraction API. While all of these services once played a part in Yahoo’s history, they’ve all been replaced by similar services over the years, and are no longer necessary in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

While replacements and closures do happen, staying on top of the curve and staying relative to the current market is one of the most important things Yahoo can do for its brand.

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