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Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 Makes Its Full Debut

Adobe has been hinting at the beauty of Creative Suite 6 for several months now with only small teasing hints here and there about the new CS6. They even had a limited test version where you could check out all of the new icons and see some of the new features that the version included, but now they’ve released all of the details of the new photograph manipulator.

But CS6 has grown past just being a picture manip program and is now used by people who publish on the web or on paper, who do website design, and now with the new video feature, people who do videography can use it in a more effective way as well. The program that’s becoming a catch-all in the world of design is due out in less than a month Adobe announced on Sunday, the 22nd of April.

If you’re not convinced to buy the new program, there are a couple of new and exciting features to entice you into coming back. Adobe is adapting CS6 for more advanced Web design on mobile devices and it’s got a new subscription plan called Creative Cloud which includes not only the CS6 Master Collection but a 20GB Dropboxesque online file to sync with your Photoshop, a “Lightroom” for photo editing and cataloging, and Adobe’s new Edge and Must tools that will help design Web pages and much, much more – but the service does run $50 a month.

If you’re just looking for the traditional set, Adobe hasn’t given up offering the normal perpetual-license model if you’re looking just for CS6. The Master Collection is going to run a whopping $2,599 this time around while the cheaper Design Standard is coming in at $1,299.

The price tag is a little steeper than the usual Photoshop starting prices, but Adobe has plenty of new features that you will enjoy when you purchase the program, such as a new sleek interface and a number of new features (many of which were user requested). There’s also a new set of hardware for improved performance, and if you really don’t want to pay for all of the new features and upgrades, there’s even a cheaper “standard” version for $699 or $999 if you want the Extended version that adds the ability to manipulate 3D graphics. You can even use it for $20 a month with an annual subscription or $30 a month if you don’t want to be locked into a year’s worth of monthly payments.

A few of the other available features that come with any version of the new Photoshop is a new shiny version of Illustrator that allows you to work with vectors, an InDesign adapted to digital publishing with new rules that allows you to move elements or anchor them, Flash Professional which enables the use of hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, and Dreamweaver designed to work with HTML5 for designing websites for smartphones all the way to personal computers.

The features, as it seems, are almost endless – and certainly incredibly useful and appealing to any business.

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