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Acquiring More Business Testimonials

What if we told you that you could have people talk about your company in a positive light for free? What if we then went on to tell you that those same people are the ones who are bringing in massive amounts of business? What if we also told you that these people are your own customers?

Think about how powerful testimonials are for a moment. It should make anyone hesitant to buy a product that doesn’t have any reviews. When your business is looking for a new vendor, don’t you see what other companies had to say before calling them to make a deal? Everyone does – even when looking at your business. It’s likely that testimonials play an important role in your life and in the role of your business, too. With that in mind, you should know it’s important to get them.

Here are a few ideas on how to get more testimonials for your products, services, and website:

Ask, but Time Your Request Wisely

If you want positive testimonials simply from asking, timing is everything. The best time to acquire good testimonials is after you’ve scored a large win for a client. Maybe your client brought in six new customers through the website you designed. Also, another good time to ask for a testimonial is when a client expresses that they appreciate your work.

Check with Clients from Before

If you’re starting a new company from scratch, it doesn’t hurt to go to clients that did business with a different aspect of your company or a different company overall. In fact, book reviewers do this all the time. Since there’s no feedback for the particular book that was published, there are reviews and testimonials from a previous book on the inside flap instead. Knowing you do good work, regardless if it was at this company or the last, will convince many people to trust you.

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