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ABC’s of Life Skills

AlphabetsLife skills are behaviors used to manage personal and professional affairs. These skills are acquired through teaching or direct experience, and are used to handle problems and questions encountered daily. Developed through childhood, an individual’s skills set is continually evolving and contributing to decisions in personal life and at work. Continual development of these skills can be incorporated into daily routines. Here are the fundamental keys to enhancing your own life skills.


The rapid pace of the changing world demands the ability to adjust and adapt. Information must be gathered and decisions made quickly, all while maintaining focus on goals. This skill is best maintained by setting goals, the adjusting and sustaining over the long term. Work to collaborate with others, ask questions and seek answers. Find a mentor and become a mentor; frequently practicing communication and interaction skills. Together these can all lead to enhanced decision-making and critical thinking ability.


Human beings are social creatures, thriving when we are connected to others. Technology has allowed for a new level of social interaction with connections farther than most can perceive. To truly enhance interpersonal skills requires more than simply be part of a social network. Actively participate and enhance your exposure with attending events and interacting. Place yourself where you can inspire and encourage others. Put your skills to work by organizing groups and resolving conflict. Belonging is just the start; doing is where the true skills come out.


Complacency means that you are on the crest of the hill heading down. Once started rolling, the effect will increase with momentum and be more difficult to stop. Strive to stay on edge and defy indifference. Continue to ask questions, to plan, to create and to improve.  Harbor the willingness to step forward with an idea and take the risk of bringing it to fruition. Once a goal is set, plan how to reach your goal and enact the plan; become comfortable charting your own course. Learn the habit of productivity; employ time management, personal evaluation and routine adjustments. Push past your comfort limits; common sense is developed through experience.

The interplay between these habits is what will produce the most effective combination of life skills. Daily decision can create opportunities to develop the skills in a positive, rather than preventative manner. Life skill development is a life-long venture for the adventure of your life.

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