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5 Things You Should Know About VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is common for decreased telecommunications costs and increases to productivity, among other benefits. There are useful features and capabilities that are desirable for any business sizes. With so much information to sort through, here are five basic things that every business should know about VoIP.

  1. The quality of a VoIP call is dependent on the network. VoIP is digital and should sound more clear than the analog phones. Some companies can even offer services with CD-quality sound. The common misconception that VoIP calls have interference, is not due to the quality of service but the network it is running on. If you are considering utilizing a VoIP service, have a network assessment conducted to verify you have a connection that is optimal for VoIP calls.
  2. Moving to a VoIP service can have minimal down-time to your communication systems and be done within any budget. Resellers offer various services and can build a customized bundle tailored to any budget. VoIP setup can be done prior to visiting your office. Making the install as simple as placing phones and training staff. This would allow your business to invest in custom integration applications and other software-based VoIP systems to boost productivity.
  3. VoIP calls may not always be free. A call placed VoIP to VoIP is a true network call and will not have a per minute cost, such as calling Skype to Skype. However, a VoIP call to a cell phone or land line leaves the network and may be subject to regular fees. Depending on where the calls are going, both location and type of phone, may impact how much the call will cost.
  4. Multiple phone systems may still be the best choice. Depending on the call needs of your business, there may be value in maintaining access to the old copper lines of an analog phone system. Having a mix of VoIP and traditional phones may help to maximize your profits.
  5. One of the greatest benefits of a VoIP is that multiple calls can occur simultaneously over a single broadband connection. Your business will no longer be limited to the number of phone lines available, for outgoing and incoming calls. When reviewing VoIP services, avoid charges for each line, or “trunk”. A better cost saving option may be to pay for minutes. Whether you have on person on the phone for 10 minutes, or 10 on the phone for 1 minute. The cost would be the same and you would still have the potential to meet all your customer needs.
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