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5 Essential Components Of An Awesome Facebook Profile

hosting-facebook-marketing-logo-300x225Social media is not a passing phase but a new standard in business. Facebook is a critical component to a business’s social media portfolio, and a complete and accurate profile is essential for your marketing goals. For a business that already has a completed profile, rehashing these basics can be a good measure to an effective Facebook page.

Facebook is an electronic means for communicating what we like. Sharing, posting, commenting and liking allows for a single post to be displayed exponentially across users. A business is best able to utilize this service, when a potential customer is directed to a business webpage, and incited to action. Here are the basics, and the critical components of a remarkable Facebook page.

  1. Choose the username wisely. Once a username is entered on Facebook, the account is created, and the username will become the Facebook URL. Your business page could be found at www.facebook/username. Once the username is selected, it cannot be changed.
  2. Select a page name. A title that is excessively long can appear spammy and will decrease consumer trust. Likewise, a title that is oversimplified and generic may be disabled by Facebook. The best choice will be utilizing the name of your business, or website URL. Once chosen, the page name should not be changed. Be sure the title is an authentic representation of your business.
  3. Category selection is important in helping your customers find you. Fortunately a category can be changed later, but a careful selection early on can allow for easier page setup. Be sure to read through all the page types before deciding since there could be a match with more than one category or a particular page type.
  4. Upload your business logo or other similar photos and brand representation that already exist, or at least compliment, the business website. Continuous brand exposure is an important component of a successful social media platform.
  5. The Info tab should be loaded with important keywords, text, and high priority links to your webpage. Take the time to fill out all the fields because they provide the opportunity to increase the content score of your Facebook page. This is especially important for successful Google searches. For an additional boost to the content density score, consider adding “Static FBML”. These boxes and tabs are a great place to add lengthy content and more static links.

The next step in increasing your presence on Facebook is to get people liking, commenting and sharing your posts. An inactive page won’t appear on the Facebook News Feed. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions and discussion. Remember to be consistent in the message across all forms of electronic media.

Used with permission from Article Aggregator

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