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3 Traits of a Successful CEO

Businessman silhouettePowerful and successful companies are driven by their Chief Executive Officer. As they transition to a new officer, it is always paramount to find the right person. The business culture will largely influence the personality of the new CEO, but there are three critical traits that are fundamental. Once these attributes are identified, the personality will only influence how these traits are implemented. These basic traits can be effective in all leaders and managers.

Vision. An effective CEO will have a clear vision of where the company needs to be. This vision may not have a clear path on how to get there, but the end goal is very evident. In your own business, clearly define where you want to be with your products or services. This vision can be formulated by gathering information within your current market position, the industry direction, and even the employees currently with you. Sort through all your options to find where you want to be. Once you pick a path, march to it. Naysayers and pessimists ignored; decisions on each step are made with the end goal in mind. Be prepared to get things done.

Leadership. An effective leader can act as a guide and offer direction to employees and shareholders, but a visionary CEO will be in the midst of the crowd as everyone pushes forward. Share your vision for the business with everyone on your team. Gain their enthusiasm, so much so, that they want to achieve the goal more than you do. A small group of people can be a powerful force, join your resources and work together. Once a vision is clear, and everyone is moving in the same direction, the strength of success is exponentially increased.

Network. Strive to be well respected within your community and industry. Interactions with peer businesses, industry associates, and personal friends all should be afforded the same esteem, courteousness, and professionalism. Peer support can go a long way to aligning resources and increasing opportunities. Work to create a network of business and personal relationships with like-minded leaders. Stay informed within your own business market, and even similar markets. Current events and market trends, coupled with key relationships, can be hugely supplemental to the overall vision.

Not all businesses will have the CEO title assigned, but all businesses do need a leader; someone in the key role of guiding the business choices. Regardless of the title, these key traits can go a long way to business success.

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